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  • Eros: Hot and Sour

    Carolyn D. Wright (Primary) / LITR 1230L S01 / CRN: 25346

    Literature, early and late, distant and near, at the intersection of love and loathing. A seminar on selected texts deriving their blood from poetry, their flesh from fiction, their anatomy from form and theory. Including works by Rikki Ducornet, Anne Carson, Roland Barthes, Helen Cixous, Gertrude Stein, Catullus, Henry Miller, et al. Enrollment limited to 20.

  • Graduate Poetry

    Carolyn D. Wright (Primary) / LITR 2010B S01 / CRN: 24515

    Advanced practice of the art: a writing seminar, limited to graduate students in Literary Arts. Emphasis is placed on developing a better understanding of the creative process, strategies and forms. Written permission required. S/NC.