BIOL 0200 S01

The Foundation of Living Systems

Course Description

A broad overview of biological systems, emphasizing patterns and processes that form the basis of life. Explores essentials of biochemistry, molecular, and cellular biology and their relationship to the larger issues of ecology, evolution, and development. Examines current research trends in biology and their influence on culture. Appropriate for all students interested in biology. Serves as a gateway course to much of the intermediate and advanced curriculum. Placement tests are offered (contact; AP scores of 4 or 5 are equivalent to BIOL 0200, and place a student out of this course. Students will be assigned to a lab section during the second week of class.

Assignments and Grading

Weekly Homework Assignments. Three in-class Exams, Feb. 15, Mar. 15, and Apr. 17. Final Exam on May 16th.


Basic text: Biological Science by Scott Freeman (4th edition). The Double Helix (illustrated and Annotated Edition) by James D. Watson.

Kenneth Raymond Miller (Primary)
John J. Stein
Jody Hall